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Xbox One Kinect To Aid In Robot Production

by on June 1, 2013

As we’ve seen, the Xbox One Kinect is far more advanced than the current version. However, being able to track joint rotation, heart rate and a lag of only 18 billionths of a second is apparently only the beginning. In an interview with network world, Ashutosh Saxena, Cornell University computer science professor, reported this new Kinect could seriously assist the development of robot technology.

Saxena currently uses an Xbox 360 Kinect in his robotic lab. Coupling the Kinect with his custom built software allowed him to produce robots that would identify over 120 human functions (but do they follow the three laws??). Prior to the Kinect, Saxena was forced to use an inferior, more expensive 2D technology. The savings and technological advances with Kinect allowed Saxena to drastically improve his research. These will improve exponentially with the Xbox One.

Currently Saxena has robots that can perform some amazing feats. Some robots are “helper” robots that can assist by dispensing prescription medication. Others can even recognize a person with a bowl of cereal and retrieve a spoon for them to eat. Developing the respective software and algorthyms are the most difficult part according to Saxena. However, with all the advances the Xbox One Kinect possesses, as well as lack of comparative deficiencies, software development becomes that much easier.

With this leap forward in research, Saxena states that commercially available robots may be ready in as little as five years. It’s real life, not Hollywood, so I wouldn’t expect Sonny from I-Robot anytime soon. I would, however, be more worried about a T-1000.
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