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WWE 13 Review

by on October 31, 2012


If you have ever played one of the previous WWE titles then you will have a brief idea of how they work. But this year something has been added, something good, something amazing. The ‘Attitude Era’ makes it comeback!! The older generation of WWE/F fans will remember the attitude era as possibly the best era in WWE History. With this addition of the Attitude into the game we get to see some amazing wrestlers making their return to the consoles. You will be controlling them in the ‘Attitude Era’ mode. Which I will dive into more detail later on in the review.


Not much has changed from WWE 12, the wrestlers themselves might be alittle bit polished off, but some of them don’t look right. Like the heads might be to big or small, but it is minor things that stand out and make you think ‘ooo what happened there?’ The crowd is looking amazing this year , each year they seem to get better and better with their models. I remember back in the day when they were basically cardboard cutouts! Blood is in the game again, although you do have to go into the options to turn it on (Damn you PG Era!!). Other than that, not much has changed and remains pretty much the same.


Classic Moment between Mankind and the Undertaker. King of the Ring 1998….youtube it PG fans..

WWE 13 features the same control scheme as last years attempt at the game, which makes it slightly easier to pick up as you don’t have to learn any (major) new controls. Now, there is something different which I couldn’t put my finger on. Even though this years title has the same control scheme as last years, this years feels alot better. After me and Solidus 5nake and a tag team match again the computer (Solidus got DQ’d…tut tut) I asked his view, and he said the same. It’s better but we can’t tell why. Now this is a good thing, the problem with last year was that I put it down after about a week because I couldn’t get into it. But this year makes me want to come back for me. The various modes make their comeback with their own little tweaks here and there. As mentioned in introduction above, the Attitude Era makes it come back. Replacing the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ mode from the previous years, you control certain wrestlers in various chapters which helped define the success that the WWE is today. Without posting spoilers to those of you that in the younger (newer) generation of fans that are only used to PG WWE (seriously, Attitude era blows this era out of the water), you will get to play chapters and live historic moments which show D-Generation X first coming together (not like the recent DX…the full DX), The Brothers of Destruction storylines, The Great one, Mankind and Austin 3:16. Already, these have grabbed my attention much quicker and easier than last years WWE 12 managed to.

WWE Universe makes another appearance. You will use your created superstar and battle through the ranks to try and earn the respect to get a title shot. They have added more depth into the Universe mode this year (although I think they say that every year?), now personally I have only played a couple of weeks into the Universe mode and have seen a few new choices that you can preform with your wrestler. These affect the partnerships, rivalries that you will obtain throughout your superstars career.

One of the options you can choose from.

It’s possible though that Exhibition mode is the place to be when you have your friends round. With such a huge variety of matches and combinations to choose from, you will be having matches lasting for weeks. Some classic modes also make a return. We noticed that the special referee mode has made a return, which I was quite happy about. That has also had a new addition to it. The ref gets a bar of his own! Make good decisions during the match and the bar increases. When it’s full you obtain a finisher which you can use on one of the superstars if they decide to turn against you for some reason. But make bad decisions or attack the superstars then your bar will drain. If you did have a finisher then you will loose it for bad sportsmanship. I Quit matches are back! Now I haven’t seen this mode in a wrestling game possibly since the PS2 (or even PS1) days! This are different from the traditional submission matches that we now have. Instead you need to make a pin attempt while holding a microphone and physically force your opponent to say ‘I QUIT!’ there is no other way to win this mode.

Added to all matches is the match experience selection. You can choose between, Quick, Normal or Epic. Now I haven’t been able to determine exactly what they do, but from what I gather they influence the speed that you obtain your finishers and also how much damage they do to your opponents. My favorite mode has to be epic. Sometimes you can feel the momentum switch back and forth between you and the computer, which makes for some amazing moments. But then again that can make some annoying ones as well. At times it will seem that the computer is just unbeatable, they will reverse 99% of the moves you throw at them and it will just get under your skin to no end causing you to make mistakes and possibly loose the match. You can be getting your ass handed to you and then all of a sudden you will pull off a reversal which completely changes the flow of the match, get your signature, then your finisher and BOOM! Match over. Of course…that can work the other way as well….


They have done well with the music selection for the game. All the wrestlers theme tunes seem to be upto date (for those I’ve unlocked anyway) and the classic Attitude Era theme tunes just bring back memories like you wouldn’t believe. The commentary makes itself known again. Sometimes they will come out with something funny or interesting, but you will notice rather quickly that some of the commentary has been recycled from last years and the years before games. Which annoys you to no end because you’ve heard it year and year. I do wish that they had the option to turn commentary off and just have music like they did in the one PS2 title (maybe ‘Here comes the pain’?)


Are you ‘Too Cool’ for this game? No…no you’re not

There are plenty of unlockables to obtain throughout the modes in the game. Some of them harder than others. So you will always be going back trying to unlock that final arena or wrestler. Once you’ve unlocked all there possibly is, the you can carry on in the never-ending WWE Universe mode. Or of course, if you have some friends who love the game as well, get them round for some 4 player action, fatal four way TLC Match for the WWE Title anyone? In other words, there are plenty of options for you to keep coming back to this game time and time again.


If you have played last years WWE game and was disappointed (like myself and a couple of friends) then I do urge you to at least try this game. It has improved and it is alot better. Not just because of the Attitude Era, but it HAS the attitude era! This is a good enough reason by itself to get this game. If you’re an old school wrestling fan then this trip down memory lane is what you need. If you’re a PG Era fan, then you need to play this so you can see what you missed back when WWE was amazing.

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