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The Walking Dead Episode 4 ‘Around Every Corner’ Review

by on October 23, 2012


The gang arrive in their new safe haven, or is it?

As always Episode 4 follows directly from Episode 3 and in true Walking Dead fashion it was incredibly emotionally charged, especially for fellow group member ‘Kenny’.  After reaching the town in which they’d hoped to have finally found some form of safe haven, but if anything things just get increasingly worse for the group.  If it’s not been bad enough for our hero ‘Lee’ to deal with zombie and human threats, being forced into making extremely tough decisions and having the safety of ‘Clementine’ to contend with and the mysterious and very strange voice on the other end of her walkie talkie, he also has to deal with his group growing increasingly more paranoid….and breath!

When the group finally arrive in the town of ‘Savannah’, at first it appears that the place is a ghost town, but it might not be quite as dead as they first thought.  The strange man on ‘Clementine’s’ walkie talkie lets them know that he knows exactly where the group is and not without being incredibly creepy about it too.  Just then a nearby church’s bell begins to ring and attracts alot of unwanted ‘Walker’ attention.  The group are surrounded within an instance and when a break appears, they run for what appears to be an abandoned house, for now they are safe.  But the group are left wondering just who in the hell was ringing that bell? Was it the creepy man on the walkie talkie or is it someone else altogether?

Young Clementine’s role is ever growing within the group.

The group for a first time in a while manage to catch a little rest bite, but as we know all too well, it’s not a wise idea to get to comfortable, no matter how cushty their surroundings seem.  But for some members of the group, catching a breath and having time to think is the last thing that they want, especially for Kenny who for obvious reasons is seriously struggling to come to terms with the events of episode 3.  He’s growing increasingly on edge and making very rash decisions and some members of the group are starting to notice.

After searching the house extensively, the cupboards and all supplies have been ransacked and there is nothing left over for the group.  So ‘Lee’ and ‘Kenny’ take it upon themselves to search for much needed supplies and perhaps even a way to escape the town in the form of a boat and set sail for safety.  But then, ‘Lee’ notices an unexpected guest, someone that he has seen about in town in the corner of his eye on many occasions, is this the person behind the walkie talkie and behind the very unhelpful church bell ringing?

Journey to a safe haven seems so close, but yet so far!

Well ‘Lee’ and ‘Kenny’ get a hell of a lot more then what they bargained for and then in an instant, they are almost ambushed by those pesky ‘Walkers’ and ‘Lee’ is separated and being forced to temporarily flee to the sewers like a rat!  Just when ‘Lee’ couldn’t feel more down and out, he then by accident stumbles on what appears to be a little gold mine.  But upon his discovery, one opportunity leads to another and ‘Lee’ suddenly finds himself having to make quite possibly the toughest decision yet.  The decision he makes is a matter of complete survival, it’s all or nothing! But will it pay off? Well that will be in your hands and his and the groups fate is in the palm of your hands.  If one thing’s for certain, it’s certainly not going to be all plain sailing from here on out.



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