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Upcoming Games: Rage

by on April 10, 2011


Rage looks very promising

Rage is a game that at first glance looks a lot like borderlands or fallout but don’t let the visuals fool you. The developers of this game are id software, the fathers of the first person shooter. All of id’s previous games have been on the front line when it comes to graphics technology and Rage is no exception. The game looks stunning, so stunning that we’ll be okay to look past the fact that the wasteland style has been done so many times before.

In the typical post-apocalyptic fashion you are put into the shoes of the survivor, only to find that the world is now overrun by mutants. The game is based around the idea of what it calls ‘directed freedom’ in which you can explore the world in role-playing type way but the game is still linear. Along your journey you will meet wacky characters, find and upgrade guns and ammo, build special gadgets from looted parts and take part in races to earn money and better vehicles.

Rage was easily on of the best looking games at E3. Not just because of the technicality of id’s new engine, the characters on screen move fluidly and the artificial intelligence is downright devious. Rage contains a huge scope that is almost overwhelming when in comparison to other shooters. All of this without a word of the promised multi-player. Rage is defiantly in contending to be one of the best games of 2011.

Make sure to stay tuned to myxboxlive.com for more Rage info in the coming months.

Rage looks very promising


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