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The Elder Scrolls: Whats New

by on April 5, 2011

[private]It’s that sense if freedom, to do what you wish. Be it hunt a deer through an ancient forest or explore deep dark dungeons.

200 years have passed since oblivion. The kingdom of Skyrim is at civil war. The king has been assassinated. Now it’s up to you to save Skyrim and fend off Alduin, the fire breathing dragon. For you are the last Dovakhiin. (Dragonborn)

Bethesda Studios have done away with the class bases system. However a tree system is now employed for the games some 280 perks. You have access to above 80 spells, now possible to duel wield with weapons, or you can go all out with two weapons. Arrows are considered a rarity in Skyrim, they do more damage but the bow now takes longer to draw back than in Oblivion.

AI was previously powered by “Bethesda’s Radiant AI “system. However now they are brought to life with the “Radiant Story.” we now see non-player characters adapting to the players actions. AI can now interact with their environment; using mills, serving at bars or even mining. They will sometimes ask favours, generated by the random encounters now in the game.

With the inclusion of mammoths and sabre toothed tigers, the player has the ability to use over 20 ‘dragon shouts.’ Gained by the slaying of dragons they give the player powers to slow down time, teleport or, although you cannot actually control dragons in the game, call a dragon to your aid.

The Creation Engine used to run Skyrim unlocks a whole new world of realism. The wind will affect trees branches, according to the weight if the branch. Streams direction will accord to wind direction. Snow fall will even fall dynamically onto the hand crafted environments, each of Skyrim’s five cities being unique. Landscape is now rendered at long distance. So you can look at an apple, look up and see a mountain, then run up that mountain.

Making use of Havok’s Behaviour engine, Skyrim’s inhabitants interact with each other and talks between player and AI happen in real time unlike Oblivion where a talk brought about a zoomed in view.

So, we are really excited about the release date, 11/11/11. Not just because on that date, at 11:11.11111am, it will be a moment that doesn’t happen often, but also because Skyrim is shaping up to look and most probably be and amazing game. The game world is set to feel more realistic and involving than ever before, so much so that we may have to go and live over there.[/private]

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  • kriss
    June 27, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    soooo happy for this game to come out,, ON MY BDAY!! ya 11/11/11/ haha,, but will this version have any online at all?? such as fable


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