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‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Video Game Review

by on July 15, 2012


*Massive Spoiler alert, I advise you to play this game after watching the movie!*

Set several months after the movie when Manhattan was nearly brought to its knees, Oscorp Executive ‘Alistair Smythe’ (and expert in Nano Technology and Oscorp’s brilliant new mind) carries on the work of Dr Curt Connors a.k.a The Lizard.  When Peter Parker visits Oscorp with his friend ‘Gwen Stacy’, he finds out about Alistair Smythe carrying on Dr Connors cross species experiments, believing he can do good and like Dr Connor, he believes that he can enhance the human race.  But the cross species seem to react to Peter’s presence and not in a good way and events quickly take a turn for the worse when the experiments escape and wreck havoc upon the streets on Manhattan.  Alistair Smythe clearly has lost grip of what he started and to combat the escaped cross species experiments, he develops a small army of robots designed to exterminate any cross species (Spiderman included), but instead of being an aid, they just add even more havoc to the streets, putting the civilians in grave danger.

Manhattan is your playground.

Now Spiderman has his hands full more then ever as he is not only battling against the cross species or the robots, but now super villains ‘Rhino’ and ‘Scorpion’ to name a few have joined in on the action.  Just when Spiderman thought that the people of Manhattan were safe after stopping the actions of Dr Curt Connors, Spiderman is called upon once again to save the day.  Good job they have a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman to rely on.


Considering the sheer size of your Manhattan playground, The Amazing Spiderman’s visuals are of a decent standard, in fact the games visuals are alot more impressive then I could have ever expected.  Spiderman’s suite almost looks like it is straight out of the movie and swinging around the city at a high Spidey speed is great fun, everything passes you by at a great pace. This in some ways, actually benefits the game as it distracts the not so detailed buildings of Manhattan.  At quick glance, The Amazing Spiderman’s visuals do look great, but it’s when you take a closer look to its details is when you notice that the game does not look quite as good as some of the preview videos you may have seen and there also another small gripe with the characters lip sync as the mouth seems to move slower than the words coming out of their mouths.

I’d seriously consider moving out of his way.

But it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of Spiderman, as the attention to the characters details are of a good standard.  Spiderman’s suit looks awesome and as if its straight out of the movies, the enemies look great, especially when it concerns some of the larger robot enemies that are terrorising the streets.  The Amazing Spiderman’s visuals are by far not the worst you are going to see, but you will see alot better.  But if you can look past its less then detailed buildings and dodgy lip sync, then this wont hinder your playing experience, just don’t go expecting the ‘Amazing’ in this department.


If you have played the Spiderman 3 video game or any other Spiderman game since, then you will pretty much know what to expect here.  As like previous Spiderman movie tie in games, you have a huge Manhattan City to explore and as always its alot of fun exploring and swinging you way around the sites.  The controls to The Amazing Spiderman are very simple and that’s a big part of its appeal, to web swing it’s a simple case of pressing the ‘RT’, the attack button is ‘X’, to counter you press ‘Y’ (which works in the same manner is the Batman Arkham games), web shoot is ‘B’ and jump is ‘A’.  They are the basics to The Amazing Spiderman’s control system, but one command you will be using perhaps more frequently than others will be the ‘Web Rush’ that is activated by pressing ‘RB’.  ‘Web Rush’ will have time being slowed down, allowing you to check out key locations where Spiderman can jump too, locate hidden items and enemy weak spots.  This will also issue more commands such as various takedowns and Stealth manoeuvres, which again is very similar to the Batman Arkham games.

Try not to get stung!

It’s almost impossible not to compare The Amazing Spiderman game to that of the Batman Arkham games, as many of its features are obviously straight out of ‘Rocksteady’s’ book.  This is not the first time that ‘Beenox’ games have used Rocksteady’s influence, as this came apparent during the ‘Noir’ section of ‘Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions’.  But in saying that, I really don’t mind with game developers taking idea’s from other games, as almost every seemingly original idea is influenced from something.  I mind even less if taking idea’s from another game actually improves the overall quality and fun factor of the game and Beenox manage to do this well, whilst at the same time still keeping their own identity.

The only slight gripe that I have with this game is the over sensitive controls, the camera can hover about all over the place, which can leave you very disorientated at times (though you do have the option to change the camera’s sensitivity in the options).  But what you can’t change is the sensitive controls for Spiderman, the amount of times I found myself running off rooftops trying to collect the hidden items is countless and accurately positioning a jump with the ‘A’ button can get tricky at times, especially in the more frantic situations.  Though don’t worry too much, as after a few hours of playing, you should begin to get use to The Amazing Spiderman’s controls and if you can look passed these few very minor gripes, you will find that this is a very enjoyable game that Beenox have created.

Just in case mutants wasn’t bad enough, now Spidey has robots to contend with!


You cannot be faulted for thinking that The Amazing Spiderman would feature the casting from the movie, as Spiderman 3 did feature the talents of Toby Maguire as ‘Spiderman’ and James Franco as the ‘Green Goblin’. Sadly, The Amazing Spiderman video game does not feature any of the cast from the movie, but with that being said; don’t let it put you off this game.  The voice acting of the game is very well done and Spiderman’s cocky attitude shines through and you soon forget about any voice casting issues and I was happy to find out that video game voice acting icon “Nolan North” plays the part of Oscorp Executive ‘Alistair Smythe’.

As far as the sound effect are concerned, there’s nothing very memorable in this department, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the sound effect does its job well enough for you not to notice any issues. So overall, there’s nothing ‘Amazing’ in the audio department, but a solid job is still delivered here in all aspects of the games sound effects.


The Amazing Spiderman’s campaign may not be as long as I had hoped, as I’ve been hearing reports that the game can be finished in around 10 hours (but I’ll find out soon enough when I finish the campaign myself).  But when you add together all the side quests, hidden items, unlockables costumes, videos and let’s not ignore that the simple joy of web swinging around the city is enough to bring me back alone.  There certainly is plenty here to have you swinging around Manhattan long after the campaign has been finished.

Awesome “Stan Lee” DLC was available with some pre – orders.


If you’re a fan of Spiderman and Marvel, then the chances are that you will love The Amazing Spiderman.  It’s not an overly spectacular game and it does have some minor faults (what game doesn’t), but this does not stop the fact that this game is a highly enjoyable playing experience.  If you purchased your copy from certain retailers, you may have got the awesome ‘Stan Lee’ pre – order pack (as I never, I’ll have to patiently wait until its released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace), so it will be interesting to see if or what more DLC ‘Beenox’ will come up with at a later date.

To put it simply, The Amazing Spiderman has enough to satisfy Spiderman and Marvel fans of all ages and seeing as I personally didn’t enjoy the last two Spiderman games, it pleases me ever so much that the franchise has started returning to form.  Now please excuse me, as I have some very important web swinging to participate in.

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