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Earn money via Xbox One!

by SamJacksonon January 13, 2015
Microsoft has updated Game Content Usage Rules allowing players to monetise the videos produced on the console.The new rules are only applied if you stream to Twitch, YouTube and use the Xbox One. Also, players cannot use it for other means necessary. The videos cannot contain the following aspects: Pornography, lewd, obscene, vulgar,discriminatory, hate speech, violence and generally […]

Minecraft hits 1,000,000 players at peak times.

by SamJacksonon January 12, 2015
The Mojang team has acquired the ability to track in real time how many users are accessing Minecraft and developer (Nathan Adams) said on Twitter that more than 1 million gamers are accessing the title during the peak usage times. Nathan Adams also says a very large percent of people are enjoying the single-player aspect,contradicting the popular […]


Microsoft Closes Xbox Entertainment Studios

by George Robertson July 24, 2014
Xbox Entertainment Studios, the Santa Monica based development studio set up to create interactive television content for Xbox Live in order to promote conversion of consumers to the Xbox One or Xbox 360 is set to close. The 200 team will no longer work on projects like the Halo TV series, and instead 343 studios will […]
Xbox One


by Michael Boccheron March 31, 2014
Microsoft has announced that Phil Spencer will be the new head of their Xbox division. In a combined role- Xbox, Xbox Live and Microsoft Studios will now operate as one along with music and video media. CEO Satya Nadella wanted to “keep gaming close to the group developing operating systems across devices”. Executive Vice President […]

Halo 4

District 9 / Elysium Director To Lead Halo TV Series

by Michael Boccheron January 29, 2014
Phil Spencer spoke with Totalxbox recently about the upcoming Halo TV Series. As we know, it will be produced by Steven Spielberg but we were unsure of a director. Until now. Spencer has confirmed that Neill Blomkamp, the director of both District 9 and Elysium, will be in charge of the series’ pilot episode. Spencer […]
Mattrick Larson

Mattrick Out; Green In?

by Dan_Boiseon July 5, 2013
Someone’s inline for a promotion at Microsoft! Earlier this week, Don Mattrick, best known for the whole “No Internet Connection? Buy an Xbox360!” debacle shortly after Microsoft’s mediocre performance at E3 over the Xbox One, has resigned to move on to other projects over at Zynga. According to reports, this leaving on behalf of Mattrick […]