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COD Black Ops 2 Apocalypse DLC Trailer

by Michael Boccheron August 17, 2013
The Apocalypse DLC maps for Black Ops 2 are due out August 27th and we just got our reveal trailer. We get a brief overview of all four maps as well as the zombie map. Going by the name Origins, we get a few new weapons and zombie enemies including 1,000 foot tall robot mechs. […]

Apocalypse is Final DLC for Black Ops 2

by Michael Boccheron August 9, 2013
The final DLC pack for Black Ops 2 has been announced by Treyarch. The Apocalypse pack will include four new maps plus the zombie map Origins which was teased earlier. Mark Lamia, the head of Treyarch, stated that “Apocalypse is Treyarch’s grand finale to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Apocalypse is a DLC pack […]


New Black Ops 2 DLC??

by Michael Boccheron August 8, 2013
A new trailer has been released for Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Put out by Treyarch, it’s set all at night and showcases four different soldiers. Possibly a zombie DLC, it takes place in what looks like the woods, a giant mech is in it and it appears the soldiers are entering an old […]

New game mode and patch for Black Ops 2

by Michael Boccheron May 1, 2013
Treyarch has been hard at work on Black Ops 2 since its release. The developer has added weapon DLC, 8 new multiplayer maps and zombies so complacency is not exactly their forte. A lot of bugs have also been reported as of late and Treyarch has addressed all of the reported issues with its latest […]

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Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC Out Today

by MonsieurRaccoonon April 16, 2013
Call of Duty fans, it’s time to load up! Treyarch have released the latest DLC map pack for Black Ops 2. Going live today the download will set you back 1.73GB of HDD space, 1200MSP (free for Season Pass holders) or £9.99/$15. The map pack includes: one map for Zombies and four online multiplayer maps. […]

High Moon Studios Hit By Layoffs

by MonsieurRaccoonon April 13, 2013
In the last couple of weeks High Moon Studios, responsible for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the upcoming Deadpool title, have suffered a reduction in staff. Activision, who control High Moon Studios, let go of 40 members of the studio’s staff. A statement from Activision to IGN reads as follows: “Activision Publishing consistently works to […]