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by Michael Boccheron May 6, 2014
Reports have come out today that, along with a new gameplay trailer, Destiny will be a $500 million dollar gamble for Activision Blizzard/Bungie. The initial agreement between the two companies was for ten years and includes a deal containing four Destiny games over that time. Now, $500 million over four games is no big deal, […]

New Remember Me Trailer

by Rose Payneon May 7, 2013
Creative Director Jean-Maxime Moris enlightens viewers on the central theme of Remember Me; memories, and how they shape the world of 2084. Check out how the main protagonist, Nilin, will use other people’s memories to get past mine fields, hack security, finish off enemies, and more! Remember Me will be released on June 4th (June 6th for […]


New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

by Dan_Boiseon May 2, 2013
While we patiently wait for Capcom to release a demo for Resident Evil Revelations, they are kind enough to tease gamers who have yet to play the game with short Case File Teasers/Trailers. The first Case File trailer below gives us a sense of the type of atmosphere to expect when roaming aboard the SS […]

New Van Helsing Gameplay Trailer

by Rose Payneon April 14, 2013
The newest gameplay trailer for the upcoming title The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. An action-roleplaying game by NeocoreGames that is planned to be released sometime in 2013. With both single-player and multiplayer modes, players will set out on the journey of Van Helsing, son of the legendary monster-hunter.


A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming DLC for Dishonored

by Rose Payneon April 13, 2013
“Even if Dunwall burns to the ground, one corner of the empire will still know your story, Daud – the Knife of Dunwall, killer of an empress ” - The Outsider Bethesda released the first gameplay trailer of the “Knife of Dunwall” DLC for their stealth action adventure game Dishonored, which will be released April […]
Disney Infinity

New Disney Infinity Trailer showcases Toy Box Mode

by Dan_Boiseon April 12, 2013
Disney’s take on the Skylanders series will release in August and Disney was kind enough to release a new trailer! The latest Disney Infinity trailer showcases one of the game’s mode: Toy Box. This mode will allow players to mix characters from all available Disney universe and create your own game. The game will provide […]