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Xbox Live Rewards provide a little motivation with “Play To Earn”

by AndySparks360on April 5, 2013
April Fool’s has passed us by, and you can breathe a sigh of relief that normal service has been resumed. Aside from the myriad of hilarious tricks that NEVER get old, April is also bringing Play To Earn, courtesy of the Xbox Live Rewards scheme. Play to Earn does exactly what it says on the […]

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will arrive in time for Halloween

by AndySparks360on September 5, 2012
Put away the costumes this year, because Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will keep you respawning all over again straight through to January. Landing on October 26, 2012 it’ll come complete with new add-on “Artorias of the Abyss”, which will also be available as a download pack. It’s available on Steam right now, but […]


Microsoft To Further Monetise Xbox LIVE

by George Robertson April 14, 2012
Xbox may be bringing another way to squeeze every last penny out of your virtual pocket this summer with yet another monetisation scheme. According to Praveen Rutnam’s LinkedIn profile, Xbox will be implementing a new method of Xbox LIVE money making this holiday. Without wanting to skip into any rash conclusions, Microsoft did have the […]
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Mass Effect 3 Ending to be Changed

by George Robertson March 21, 2012
After Mass Effect 3‘s ending was branded as “incredibly painful,” the co-founder of BioWare, the studio behind the game, said today that changes for the game’s conclusion are in the works; buckling under the strain of increasing consumer pressure. From the very beginning BioWare recieved complaints about the ending, but were first adamant that it would not […]


Ever wanted to become a games reviewer?

by George Robertson March 18, 2012
If the title got you excited then check out the Contributors page for how to become a writer. It’s a massive opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.

The Best Class In MW3 Explored and Explained

by George Robertson January 12, 2012
Let us forget being bullied by our friends about being a noob. This guide ignores that, so what if you’re using the Type 95… Ok so even I frown upon it but let’s face it, you’ll do better with it. Helping with classes is difficult because at the end of the day it is all […]