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Walking Dead’s third episode will shuffle onto XBLA by mid-August, Telltale confirms

by AndySparks360on July 7, 2012
Waiting on your next fix of zombie bashing goodness? Well, you’ve still got a month, as Telltale Games announced that  it’s not quite time to pick up pitchforks and rev the chainsaws just yet. Through their official blog, Telltale explained how a confirmed date has not yet been reached: “For many of you, the most important […]
February 7th, 2010 @ 00:34:11

Dead Space 3 Trailer

by George Robertson June 1, 2012
Take a look at the up-coming title Dead Space 3 Trailer right here on MyXboxLive


Battlefield 3 Revamp For Xbox 360 – April 3rd

by George Robertson April 2, 2012
Here is the list of changes that will be made, coming into effect on April 3rd. This is a HUGE patch that will change Battlefield hugely, hopefully for the best.     GENERAL GAMEPLAY FIXES -Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls. -Players now get up from Prone slightly faster, allowing better […]
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MW3 Content Collection Is Released On Xbox Live

by George Robertson March 20, 2012
Delivering On The “Not Just Maps Anymore” Promise Made Last September At Call Of Duty®XP, Content Collection #1 Offers Two New White-Knuckle Special Ops Missions In Addition To Four New, High-Octane Multiplayer Maps Massive DLC Release Featuring Six Pieces Of Playable Content Delivers Great Value To Gamers With Most Content Ever For Call Of Duty  […]

MW3 – How to get better in General and at Short Range

by George Robertson January 13, 2012
If you have found your way to this page then the likelihood is that you aren’t satisfied with your general levels of achievement on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, or you simply wish to build in an already strong set of skills. Let me tell you now that this article isn’t going to instantly […]

MW3’s first DLC or “Content Drops”

by George Robertson January 10, 2012
If you are a loyal Modern Warfare 3 fan that holds onto a paid subscription to Call of Duty Elite, you’re about to be rewarded. In just two weeks Premium Elite members will be able to download two brand new multiplayer maps, on the 24th January for the Xbox 360.  They will receive what Activision is calling “Content […]