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List of Xbox One Titles Announced

by Dan_Boiseon August 26, 2013
As we inch closer to the (rumored November) release of Microsoft’s next gaming venture, the Xbox One, they’ve also taken time to offer us a complete list of Xbox One titles currently in development. Here are a few stats for your personal knowledge: 38% of these titles are Xbox One Exclusive while 37% are brand […]

Xbox One’s best features behind a paywall

by Dan_Boiseon August 19, 2013
After the complete 180Microsoft did with the Xbox One, prepare to pay more for the console’s best features. When the Xbox One was unveiled, the $500 price tag could have felt a bit steep, however with the promise of things like on-screen guide (OneGuide), Skype, in-game DV (which records the last 5 minutes of your […]


Disney Interactive posts 53$ Million Losses in Q3 2012

by Dan_Boiseon August 10, 2013
The house that built Mickey Mouse has taken a major financial hit. Disney’s revenue were down 7% compared to the same time last year while operating cost increased from 42 millions to 58 millions. Disney is blaming the lack of new consoles and decline of social gaming. Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company,Robert […]

Cross-Gen Games to have different set of Achievements

by Dan_Boiseon August 6, 2013
Get ready to work twice as hard! Microsoft revealed that titles releasing on both Xbox360 and Xbox One will feature different achievements. Here’s what Xbox One architect Marc Whitten revealed to IGN: “Every game has its own set of achievements, so if you’re playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360 and on Xbox One, […]

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EA’s Gamescom Lineup

by Dan_Boiseon August 5, 2013
EA is bringing out the big guns at the end of the month in Cologne, Germany. During the upcoming gaming convention, EA will let gamers and future potential customers get their hands on their upcoming library of titles: Battlefield 4 FIFA 14 Need for Speed Rivals Titanfall (E3 2013 Game of the Show) If you […]

Ubisoft Has something up its sleeve for Gamescom

by Dan_Boiseon August 5, 2013
Ubisoft has a surprise for the gaming universe at Gamescom 2013 which takes place in in Cologne, Germany between August 21st and 25th. After Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and the upcoming Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft is moving away from AAA titles with Child of Light. Coming from the mind of former Far Cry and AC director, Patrick […]