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Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Review

by Dan_Boiseon April 14, 2013
STORY: Ryu Hayabusa is sent to London to rescue some important figurehead of the city. While tracking down the culprit, Ryu comes face to face with the red-dressed mastermind. A battle ensues, won by Ryu; but at what cost? The Alchemist leaves Ryu with a parting gift: His left arm is now possessed with all […]

Bioshock Infinite Review

by Dan_Boiseon March 31, 2013
STORY: It’s 1912. You are Booker Dewitt. You’ve fallen on hard times. You have debts to the wrong people. However, you have one chance, one shot to wipe the slate clean from your debts. You need to find a young girl and bring her back to your bookie. Her name is Elizabeth. You don’t know […]


Gears of War Judgment Review

by Dan_Boiseon March 21, 2013
STORY: This time, Damon Baird is at the center of the story. Serving as a prequel to the Gears or War trilogy, Judgment takes us back to before Emergence Day as we witness the trial of Baird and Kilo Squad following a situation where Baird and friends disobeyed orders. Each chapters is retold through the […]

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

by MonsieurRaccoonon March 8, 2013
Story Set in the wake of the film ‘Aliens’ you play as Colonial Marine Corporal Christopher Winter, or to put it simply, Winter, of the USS Sephora that has been dispatched on a rescue mission after receiving a distress call from the USS Sulaco that was sent by Corporal Hicks (one of the few survivors […]

Metal Gear Rising06

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review!

by Richard Breslinon February 20, 2013
STORY Things have changed since we first met Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 and for those of you that played the amazing Metal Gear Solid 4; you will know that Raiden is a master ninja assassin with some big cybernetic enhancements.  Metal Gear Rising Revengeance kicks off with Raiden protecting a Prime Minister from […]
DeadSpace3 12

‘Dead Space 3′ Review!

by Richard Breslinon February 15, 2013
STORY Poor Isaac Clarke just cannot get a break can he? It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing, he just simply cannot avoid those dam Markers and those pesky Unitologists!  Two months after the events of Dead Space 2 and the ‘Sprawl’ incident Isaac went into hiding on a Lunar Colony, his […]