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My X-Fix – New Xbox 360, Call of Duty Online and Assassin’s Creed Revelations

by George Robertson May 9, 2011
It’s been a weird day with a mixture of the sun and rain. Just like the rumour in the gaming world Rumours of an upgraded Xbox 360 being held over at EA are misty. They will always deny it (and have) and will be duty bound to do so. This means we are all in […]

My X-Fix – Escalation Map Pack, New Vegas and Gears 3 Beta

by George Robertson May 4, 2011
Welcome to the first instalment of My X-Fix. Follow us on Twitter if you like to keep right up to date. If you have an I-Device, add the website to your homescreen to get our Web App! The Call of Duty Black Ops map pack came out today, I’m most excited about Stockpile – it […]

How to fix corrupt gamer profiles on Xbox Live

by George Robertson March 12, 2011
[private]As you may know once you are banned from Xbox live if you use that banned console to play games and then put your hard drive back into an unbanned console your profile shows as corrupted and you have to recover Gamertag from Xbox Live. In doing this though you lose any achievements you may […]