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Minecraft Breaks More Records

by Dan_Boiseon June 21, 2013
Markus Persson, the mastermind behind Minecraft, revealed through Twitter that the retail version of the popular juggernaut broke more records. After selling like hot cakes on Xbox Live Arcade, the retail version of Minecraft is currently the fatest selling console game in the U.S.. Not bad for a game that even Persson himself he didn’t know […]

Minecraft 360 Saves Won’t Work On Xbox One

by Dan_Boiseon June 15, 2013
So either you’ll need to stick to your Xbox360 or start over with your Xbox One. While speaking with OXM, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed that players won’t be able to transfer their save games to an Xbox One. “We’re actually updating it in pretty significant ways for the new platform,” he revealed. “Bigger worlds, which […]


New Minecraft Theme: Around The World

by Michael Boccheron June 14, 2013
If you still possibly haven’t gotten enough Minecraft, 4J studios released a new Around the World Xbox dashboard theme for your pleasure. Available via the Xbox marketplace or the Minecraft store, the new theme can be seen below with an attached trailer.

Minecraft is Coming to the Xbox One

by Rose Payneon June 10, 2013
Due to the incredible success on Xbox360, Minecraft is coming to the Xbox One. This edition is going to have expanded multiplayer features, bigger worlds, and bigger adventures! Check out the E3 announcement trailer here:


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Disc Version Released and Delay for Update 12

by Rose Payneon June 6, 2013
The disc-based version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition hit stores yesterday in the US. Despite it’s incredible success selling digitially, 4J Studios is giving gamers one more way to play our beloved Minecraft. The disc version will receive the same feature updates as the digital version, and there will be multiplayer support between the retail and […]
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Coming to Xbox360 in June

by Dan_Boiseon June 3, 2013
As we hopefully get close to the hot summer period for some of us, June is typically another quiet month on the gaming front. However, this year, certain companies decided to try and ship some new IPs during the slow time so it could enough time and opportunities to shine. As usual, remember that release […]