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Kinect Xbox One

Xbox One Voice Commands Revealed

by Michael Boccheron November 21, 2013
A list of the voice commands for the Xbox One has been posted by our friends over at Gameinformer. There are some interesting ones, like Xbox stop listening, which allow you to turn off the Kinect during say a party our loud gathering. The full list is below. Check it out. System Commands Xbox on […]

New Privacy Mount Peripheral Blocks Out Kinect Cameras

by Michael Boccheron October 28, 2013
Designed to mount onto any flat panel TV, a new camera lens has been designed by PDP in order to block out the Kinect camera. It will block out both the RGB and IR cameras as it’s being touted as a privacy cover. It is listed at $19.99 and is available now for pre-order at […]


Fighter Within Gameplay Video

by Michael Boccheron September 11, 2013
The upcoming Kinect title for the Xbox One Fighter Within saw a gameplay video released. We get to see some of the motion control punches and kicks along with the more advanced features. Since most of us are not going to be obviously going to be doing forward somersaults and jumping, spinning hook kicks in […]
Kinect Xbox One


by Michael Boccheron August 25, 2013
Albert Penello, the creative director for Xbox, spoke at Gamescom regarding the Kinect 2.0’s security features. Many were asking about the cloud storing facial data since we can upgrade our avatars to include real images. “Your facial stuff is locked onto your console,” Penello told Digital Spy. When you set up your Kinect, you will […]

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Works Without Kinect

by Michael Boccheron August 17, 2013
Despite all reports that the Xbox One is going to require Kinect to be operational, Marc Whitten told IGN that this is not the case. The Kinect sensor will be able to be turned off or unplugged and still allow the Xbox One to function. “Like online, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t […]

Xbox One Kinect Will Scan QR Download Codes

by Michael Boccheron July 2, 2013
In a recent twitter post, Microsoft representative Marc Whitten did something rare and actually responded to an internet meme. He revealed that the Kinect 2.0 will be able to scan QR codes for downloading Xbox Live content. This means no more 25 character entries. Of course, you can still type in the characters if you […]