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The Next Mirror’s Edge Finally Announced at E3

by Rose Payneon June 13, 2013
The next Mirror’s Edge is now in it’s early development for the Xbox One. Dice hasn’t released a release date or an official title, but some are thinking it might be a prequel to Mirror’s Edge. On the official website, Sara Jansson, the Senior Producer for Mirror’s Edge, talks about bringing the series back to life; […]

Battlefield 4 Live On Stage 64 Person Multiplayer

by Michael Boccheron June 12, 2013
Live on stage at E3, Dice and EA showed off why Battlefield 4 continues to reign supreme in first person shooters. First, they introduced “Alex” to play the game. Next, they brought out his 63 friends on stage to showcase how awesome the multiplayer scale actually is. Assuming the role of commander, Alex issued commands […]


E3 2013: Rayman Legends packed with a mountain of levels

by Jean-Marie Alneuson June 12, 2013
If you are into characters without limbs, Rayman Legends will be coming to Xbox 360 on september 3 and will be packed with 120 levels. A trailer was shown at Ubisoft‘s Press conference. So get ready to get your platforming on because there will be a lot of levels to beat !

E3 2013: Powerstar Golf Announced for Xbox One

by Dan_Boiseon June 12, 2013
Jealous of Sony’s Hot Shots Golf franchise? Well don’t worry now because Microsoft’s got you covered. Powerstar Golf is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s quirky golf game. Developed by Zoe Mode, the game will feature exaggerated traits on golfers and caddies of the oddest variety. They also offer additional skills such as having the ball skipping […]


E3 2013: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood E3 Trailer

by Dan_Boiseon June 12, 2013
Who here has an older brother didn’t want him to go away for a while? Well in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the titular character, Max actually gets his wish. However, shortly after Max’s brother, Felix, is taken away, our young hero takes it upon himself to go and rescue him. The game is a […]

E3 2013: Splinter Cell Blacklist E3 Trailer

by Dan_Boiseon June 12, 2013
Ubisoft released their new trailer for Sam Fisher’s return to Xbox360. This newest trailer for Splinter Cell Blacklist focuses on the game’s Co-op mode where you and a friend can tackle various missions which are variants from what you’ll play as Sam Fisher in the single player playthrough. Splinter Cell Blacklist is set sneak onto […]