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Sniper Elite V2 Hands on Preview

by George Robertson April 15, 2012
Sniper Elite V2 was a game that I, initially, looked down upon. It certainly shows characteristics of those poorly made games that a few people buy but will never make mass market. However after endorsing a certainly interesting amount of time on this game, my opinion has seen a dramatic U-Turn. The first thing that […]

Modern Warfare 3 User BlackOut 20/4

by George Robertson April 13, 2012
The community is fighting back. After Battlefieldo received such a quick and satisfying response from DICE in their quest to get more from the developers of Battlefield 3, a new movement has arisen. On the 20th April, some users will be leaving MW3 for 24 hours. In the attempt to make a statement not even […]


Battlefield 3 Revamp For Xbox 360 – April 3rd

by George Robertson April 2, 2012
Here is the list of changes that will be made, coming into effect on April 3rd. This is a HUGE patch that will change Battlefield hugely, hopefully for the best.     GENERAL GAMEPLAY FIXES -Players should no longer take fall damage from short falls. -Players now get up from Prone slightly faster, allowing better […]

Miner Wars 2081 – Sorry What?

by George Robertson March 28, 2012
Miner Wars is something of an… Oddity. It’s technically a space shooter set in a destructible year 2081, 10 years after the destruction of earth with both single player and multiplayer options. However this isn’t exactly what I had in mind for the next big game, nor can I imagine it as a hit title. The […]


Your Borderlands 2 Enemies

by George Robertson March 25, 2012
The enemies you will be facing in Borderlands 2 are a mixed variety from monsters, all the way up to Hyperion robots. Here is the list as follows: Handsome Jack – the game’s main antagonist. Arctic Bullymong – a six-limbed gorilla-like creature that will dynamically pick up objects (or rip up bits of scenery) and then throw […]

Spec Ops: The Line – Early Preview and Release Date

by George Robertson March 25, 2012
After 8 years of silence from the Spec Ops series, it’s resurrection is incoming. Already banned in the Arab Emirates for its depiction of Dubai after a catastrophic disaster, Spec Ops: The Line is a new and upcoming game that reveals the true and tearing story behind special operations.  The player controls Captain Martin Walker who is supported by a […]