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Black Ops 2 – Pre-Order Cards at Target

by George Robertson April 27, 2012
These cards that showed up at Target earlier in the week, fairly concretely confirm the upcoming games title, as well as the date, both of which have been stated as here and there for over a month now. Earlier this week, a video posted by FPSRussia implied that the game will be set some 10-15 years in […]

MW3 Quickscoping Montage – xJaazzaa Squad Director

by George Robertson January 8, 2012
The first of our new Squad Directors videos. If  you want to get your videos seen on our channel or right here at MXL then just send us an email to or visit the contact us page.  


Black Ops Rezurrection Pack Announced

by George Robertson August 6, 2011
Modern Warfare 3 may be the hot topic among Call of Duty players these days, but Treyarch’s still got plenty in store for Black Ops, or at least one more major DLC released. The Rezurrection pack was announced and is confirmed for release later this month. It adds five newzombie maps, four of which are apparently updated versions […]

Xbox 720 coming sooner than expected?

by SamJacksonon July 9, 2011
Subdued sales in Japan causes Microsoft to rethink their release date of the 720 project...


Call of Duty: Elite to be released to previous titles

by SamJacksonon July 8, 2011
According to the CEO of Activision, Eric Hershberg, Call of Duty: Elite will be “the best free gaming service available.” And now Elite could be rolled out to more than just the Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops titles as a recent report from Activision has shown that they are still considering the possibility of […]

COD XP ’11

by SamJacksonon July 5, 2011
Activison are providing the chance for a lucky 6,000 fans to chack out the full version of the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer mode some two months early at the COD XP '11 in LA.