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Self Publishing Coming To Xbox 360

by Michael Boccheron July 29, 2013
Microsoft has apparently altered its self publishing rules for the Xbox 360. Developers will now be able to self publish their games without finding a publisher to back them. Polygon has learned, through a report from FarSight, the details. Microsoft has just announced that indie developers (like FarSight) can now self-publish on Xbox Live Arcade […]
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Facebook and Twitter removed from the 360 Dashboard!

by Richard Breslinon October 19, 2012
In a very odd move, ‘Microsoft’ has removed both the ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ apps from the Xbox 360 Dashboard.  This has been done apparently with the new dashboard update that began rolling out this week. According to a story from the Verge, ‘Microsoft’ has done this to encourage gamers to use the new ‘Internet Explorer’ […]

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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update begins to roll out!

by Richard Breslinon October 16, 2012
The new Xbox 360 Dashboard beta has been running for quite a while now, but it has been confirmed that the new Dashboard update will now be available to subscribers over the coming weeks. Due to the high amount of subscribers that will be receiving this update, it will be a gradual deployment across subscribers […]

Rockstar Wants Your Face… In Max Payne 3 Again

by TheAgentLokion July 7, 2012
Recapturing the success of the previous contest to get one’s face in Max Payne 3 multiplayer, Rockstar is looking to cast again for players to be in the new DLC pack coming this fall. To determine who will be ‘immortalized’, Rockstar will be hosting events and randomly select participants to compete for a chance at fame via […]


Forza Car List With More On The Horizon

by TheAgentLokion June 12, 2012
The Forza Horizon buzz has already started to pick up with a list of cars picked out of the E3 demo and a hype trailer. How many can you catch? Don’t worry if you don’t get them, the list of what the Forza forums have managed to compile so far is below. Abarth seems to […]


by TheAgentLokion June 5, 2012
  Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios announced the coming of the next generation of racing simulator with Forza Horizon this week at E3.       Always a leading brand for quality graphics and physics, as well as a wide array of vehicles to choose from; Forza always serves up exactly what fans of on-track racers expect. […]