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[box_dark]This week’s #SundayDrop (14/04/2013)

  1. FIFA 12
  2. Microsoft Points (800)
  3. Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription (3 months)
  4. Xbox 360 Console + Bundle of Games
  5. Motocross Madness
  6. Fallout 3


The #SundayDrop Hall of Fame

Past Winners

Sunday 7th April 2013


Sunday 31st March 2013

@TheLifeless – Mordor and Oblivion for PC

Harry Edkins – 800 Microsoft Points


Sunday 6th May 2012

@SuckerPunchJosh – Halo Reach Gear

@MrIllCity – Hybrid Beta Code

@Z22B – Xbox LIVE Gold

@TheLerm – Minecraft for Xbox 360

Sunday 29th April 2o12

Jon Tunisp – Shoot Many Robots Add on DLC

Stu – 12 Months Xbox LIVE Gold

Dj – Prototype 2

Noah Jette – Microsoft Points

Darren Kinch – Xbox LIVE Gold

@N7_Steph – Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Jordan Roach – Trials Evolution

James Hammersmith – 12 Months Xbox LIVE Gold

Sunday 15th April 2012

Tyler Corpening – Microsoft Points

Albert – Microsoft Points

Joshua Moore – Fez

Ed Jackson – 12 Months Xbox LIVE Gold

Sunday 8th April 2012

Alexander McCoist – A Gears of War 3 Season Pass

Jocelin Knight – Microsoft Points

Megan Connelly – Microsoft Points

Reece Ricketts – 12 Months Xbox LIVE Gold




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#SundayDrop Sponsors Area

The Peacock Hotel, Chinnor


Super Heroes 101

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The #SundayDrop is MyXboxLive’s way of saying thank you to the community. Every single one of you has been important to the rise of MyXboxLive; we could never have done it without you.

So every Sunday we do a special giveaway on Twitter. This can include games and competitions that are not only a laugh to lay but also encompass great fun and skill simultaneously. Prizes range from Microsoft Points to Xbox Live Gold, free games and much, much more!

All you need to enter is a Twitter account, then follow the instruction we release there. We’re always open to questions and suggestions from any of our users during the #SundayDrop and throughout the week.

We endeavour to make the #SundayDrop free for everyone. Yet this takes away from what we can add into the site and other areas of the MyXboxLive domain such a YouTube channel.

So if you’ve enjoyed the #SundayDrop at any point or wish to see it continue into the future, a donation in any form would be brilliant. Any donation above £5 does have its benefits:


  • The Sunday after your donation will see you with double the chance of winning all our prize drops.
  • You get featured on our Donation Hall of Fame. Get your website/YouTube channel promoted here.
  • Any donators get a shout out on Twitter. Include your @TwitterName in the comments of the donation to receive this.
  • Other goodies that we can’t actually announce yet…!


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