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Street Fighter X Tekken ‘Second Opinion’ Review!

by on December 18, 2012


When you think of fighting games in any era  the Street Fighter franchise is the king of ‘Beat em Ups’.  The Street Fighter franchise is just celebrating its 25th year anniversary and they are still in the ring fighting with the best of them, knocking out the competition and doing something everybody dreamed of, mixing Tekken with Street fighter.


‘Street fighter X Tekken’ has very much adopted Super Street fighter 4’s visual style which is a good street (no pun intended) to go down as it’s bright and welcoming and something next gen fighting games are used too.  There are some really beautiful stages too like the Neon Pit Stop and huge Mammoths floating around Pandora’s Box while you beat down on each other, adding a really nice touch.   It’s difficult to think of any game that mixes the perfect blend of old school in with the new school and is instantly recognisable to all generations of the gaming era.  Simply put, Street Fighter fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Street fighter x tekken 02


‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ is your standard affair making Hadoken motions to inflict pain on dangly Dhalsim, but this time there is a very different system to make fights last a lot longer.  Due to the vast number of characters (50 to be precise including DLC) the fighting is based off a tag system juggling the victim for a higher combo as possible.  This is achieved using a launcher which switches out the current character on screen to the next one, using ‘EXs’ , ‘super meter’ and ‘Cross Gauge’ to really make the combos cause some damage which opens up hundreds of possibilities.  Another new feature is the use of ‘Gems’, here you have the choice of using up to three gems per fighter and they can change the outcome of the fight, the gem classes consist of ‘Attack’, ‘Defence’, ‘Speed’, ‘Vitality’, ‘Assist’, and ‘Cross Gauge’ which add little boosts, but must be achieved by passing the condition to activate.  Story mode returns with two cut scenes either side which are very good and will bring a few tears and epic moments, but you will be playing this for titles and avatars which also make a return from ‘SSF4’.  Training mode is back to improve your skills, but even better you can bring in a friend to train with you though Xbox live which is a fantastic idea as you can tag each other in to unleash perfect combos.  The lobby system is still the best part about Xbox live and can hold up to eight players in a room and can make four teams of two for a crazy night of fun.  A new mode called ‘Scramble’ adds a five minute rumble to the mix having all four characters on at once for a very fast paced match, but this is more of a gimmick than the real fighter it should be but fun all round.  ‘Theatre’ mode is also back so save exciting matches or even to pick up a few combos, there is plenty of saving space so download away.

A new ‘Colour Mode’ is introduced giving you the option to change the look of each character, making it more your ‘Guile’ or your ‘King’ so you are not really seeing the same old boring colours when you square off.  The only thing I can fault is the controversy on disk DLC, which yes you have to pay for, 1200MSP for an extra twelve characters now in my eyes that sucks, if it is on the disk why pay for it? Now the question is, is it worth it? I say yes as you unlock some bad ass characters including ‘Jack’, ‘Bryan’, ‘Cody’ and ‘Elena’, so in the long run yes I would recommend it for some extra bang for your buck. Capcom have announced a new patch update; ‘Version.2013’ and improvements have been made on top of the current game and yes it’s free!


The audio is fantastic from the outstanding voice overs from the both casts and incredible sound of cross gauge supers with background dinosaurs …. Yes dinosaurs it’s just what you expect for a fighting game.  There’s not much too really say in terms of ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’s audio, as it really doesn’t rely on any strong storyline or special sound effects.  The only thing that us ‘Street Fighter’ fans would really care about in this department would be the sound of every cracking fist to an opponent’s face, Chung Li’s iconic ‘Spinning Bird Kick’, ‘Guiles’ instantly recognisable ‘Sonic Boom’ and of course Ryu’s legendary ‘Tatsumaki-Senpū kyaku’, there’s so many more famous ‘Street Fighter’ sayings, I could go on forever, but I won’t bore you with that.

Street fighter x tekken 07


There is plenty to do here if it’s not training, unlocking titles in story and beating the poop out of someone on Xbox live there is at least a good 20+ hours in this. Once the single player modes are long done, you will always return to Street Fighter for the sole purpose that it was originally made for, to open a can of whoop ass in some epic 1 on 1 matches, whether it’s over Xbox Live and the best way possible, with a friend sat right next to you in the same room.


For the ‘SSF4’ vets there is no ‘EX’ cancels or focus attacks, but in its place lies a new fighting structure that is very marmite.  As for everyone else this is a game you will have a LOT of fun with, it is a very pick up and play and NooB friendly for the very helpful boost gems.  It’s such a good feeling going head to head as ‘Akuma’ and ‘Ryu’ facing off against ‘Orge’ and ‘Jin’, all in all the wait has paid off.  So ready your sonic booms and charge your laser eyes because this is one hell of a face off.

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