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Pinball FX2 “Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles” Review

by on June 25, 2012


The first thing that I would have to say about Pinball FX games and especially Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles, is that it’s incredibly addictive, you will constantly have that “One more game” feel.  Unless you live on a Seaside resort in the UK, video game arcades are very much a thing of the past, so by getting a chance to play a true retro game with the Pinball FX franchise, this is a pure god send for me and throw in the Marvel Avengers theme and you’re on to a winner.

marvel assemble Avengers table

Right let’s get to the Marvel Pinball Avenger game.  Here you have four tables in total at a cost of 800msp and all the tables have their own unique feature’s that the others will not have. Here are the four tables that are included in this great package:

  • The Avengers’.  This table is based on the blockbuster movie ‘Avengers Assemble’ and you join the greatest team of Super Heroes as you battle it out against the evil Loki.  This is one of the more larger tables and it has a unique feature that gives the option to select an individually themed pinball before each launch, based on ‘Black Widow’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Hawkeye’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor’.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet’. This table is based on the villains of the Avengers world, namely the mighty ‘Thanos’.  The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the more compact and smaller of the tables, but as a result it is one of the fastest and trickier of the tables.  But be warned, Thanos will literally turn the table upside down forcing you to adapt to a new perspective, just because he can and to keep you on your toes.
  • World War Hulk’.  This like the ‘Avengers’ table is one the larger of pinball tables.  You may not be shocked to hear that the theme to this table includes The Hulk being angry! Yes, shocking I know, I was shocked to.  This table includes a cool little mini game that features a mini basketball themed table; you activate this mini table by building up Hulks “Rage Level” gauge.  This is possibly my favourite of the four tables, mainly because I can never get bored of Mr Smash.
  • Fear Itself’. This table is based on the forgotten Asgardian, simply known as the ‘Serpent’, like The Infinity Gauntlet this is one of the smaller and compact tables.  This particular table is possible the most frantic and fastest paced of all the tables and it features in my opinion the literally ‘coolest’ mini game, which is very similar to the ultimate retro classic video game ‘Pong’.  But as a little heads up (as you have no onscreen instructions), the controls for this mini game are used via the ‘LT’ and ‘RT’ buttons.

The Infinity Gauntlet


Pinball games don’t need to have big spectacular visuals, but it still needs to do a decent job and look the part. So it would be unfair of me to over criticise Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles for not pulling out all the stops and being the best game visually for any Xbox Live Arcade game, so I’m not.  There’s only so much you can do with the game in this department and it’s fair to say that Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles looks the part and not only feels and looks like a real Pinball table (well, as far as a virtual table can be), but the Avengers Assemble theme all feels very authentic and almost like a Blockbuster Movie Pinball game.  Considering how frantic each table can be, the visuals are very crystal clear and its easy (ish) to keep track of your Pinball, whilst at the same time ‘Marvelling’ (see what I did there?!…ok sorry, it won’t happen again) at the games colourful and vibrant visuals.  Everything about this game is Marvel authentic and the visuals certainly play a vital role in your Avenger Pinball experience.


I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again, I am a firm believer in the role that sound effects and a musical score plays in any video, especially when that game has no actually story.  Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles is no exception to this, as I’ve mentioned in the ‘Graphics’ section, everything is very authentic here and this includes the sound FX and musical score.

World War Hulk

The background music is very heroic or the exact opposite, depending on whether you are playing on a heroes or villains table and each and every characters quotes from Tony Starks wise cracking arrogance, to The Hulks “SMASH”, it’s all here bundled up in one awesome Marvel package.


It’s unlikely that you will playthrough hours and hours worth of gaming marathon with Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles in one sitting (but then again you might do), but what you will do is come back for one more dose of addictive Pinballness.  This pack may only contain four tables and that doesn’t appear to be a great deal, but trust me when I say this game is sooooo addictive and when your sat there looking blankly at your TV screen, deciding what to play, Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles is such a perfect game to play inbetween games.  But the chances are that the one quick game that you intended to play will turn into another game and then another as you not only persist on beating your personal high score, but your friends too.  Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles will keep you coming back for more Marvel goodness.

Fear Itself


I’ve been playing the ‘Pinball FX2’ games since they were announced, I’ve had the majority of table packages, including the other Marvel sets such as Captain America, Ghost Rider, The Fantastic Four to name a few.  But what the Pinball FX2 and especially Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles brings to the ‘Table’ (sorry, I couldn’t help it) is that true meaning and feel of an Arcade game.  Four tables does not seem like alot at first, but the amount of replay value and fun you will get from this game will well exceed the 800msp that you spent on this game.  If you’re a fan of Marvel and after a quick fix or you want to reminisce of the Pinball games of yesteryear, then this could very well be the game for you and as always with any XBLA game, you have the option of playing a ‘Trial’ first.  So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and get downloading.

You can download Marvel Pinball Avenger Chronicles here: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/Marvel-Avengers-Chronicles

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