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New Setup For Xbox One Achievements

by on June 13, 2013

The achievements “how-to” has been clarified and posted by Major Nelson. The posting indicated how your gamerscore will carry over from 360 to Xbox One as well as new achievements being added. Only those unlocked from games will increase your gamerscore.

First thing’s first, your Xbox 360 gamerscore will carry over to Xbox One. In addition to achievements, there will be challenges added. These challenges will be time based and not increase your gamerscore, but rather provide certain rewards related to the challenge as weapon upgrades or avatar items. Some updates for challenges:
Cross game functionality: Take out 25 players in COD Black Ops 2 multiplayer while beating a campaign level in COD Ghosts in one weekend.
Community Challenges: Achieve 1,000 grenade kills during Arkfalls in Defiance over one day. As long as you participate, you will get credit for the reward.
Cloud powered challenges: Utilizing the cloud, publishers can add and altar challenges on the fly. These can be to coincide with a new dlc pack or simply to get players to utilize a certain weapon or area of the map. Submissions of player based ideas for achievements/challenges can be transformed into reality.

Achievements will also see a welcome addition. Players can now unlock digital content, new maps, characters and stat boosts by earning achievements. On top of games, Xbox music and video apps will also provide achievements. These could range from membership extensions for Netflix to early access to movie trailers for watching certain amounts of TV. A few more achievement upgrades were unveiled as well.
Video footage of the in game moment you unlocked the achievement.
Progression counter: You can now see how close you are to an achievement right from your dashboard.
Friends achievements: See how your friends are doing in comparison and their progress.

Microsoft promises a more fluid environment for the dash board and achievement experience. These seem like a good start. What do you guys think?

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