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New Cheats Unveiled For AC Black Flag

by on November 30, 2013

Ubisoft has brought back some cheats for Assassins Creed IV Black Flag. They are unlocked as you complete various Abstergo challenges and can be adjusted during the game. The maelstrom wave cheat during a rain storm looks extremely promising. Which ones are you looking to try out?

Celestial Navigation (10 Abstergo Challenges)
o Lock time of day to be morning, afternoon, evening, midnight, whatever time you want, forever.
· Arrr Matey (20 Abstergo Challenges)
o Make your previously realistic crew spout off the most cliché pirate lines straight from the movies.
· No Quarter (30 Abstergo Challenges)
o Edward and the Jackdaw will not regenerate health. Like Hero Mode in the new Legend of Zelda games.
· Scourge of the Seven Seas (40 Abstergo Challenges)
o Raise your Wanted level to its highest. You can activate this and No Quarter for some serious challenge.
· Loaded to the Gunwale (50 Abstergo Challenges)
o Keep Calico Jack drunk for the whole game.
· Poseidon’s Will (60 Abstergo Challenges)
o Keep ocean conditions to whatever you want forever, from tempestuous waves to the stillest waters.
· Dead Men Tell No Tales (70 Abstergo Challenges)
o The polar opposite of No Quarter. Enable this and Edward and the Jackdaw cannot take any damage.
· Shiver Me Timbers (80 Abstergo Challenges)
o Surprisingly, Ubi did not describe this one, but promises this will be a ‘treat.’
· Armed to the Teeth (90 Abstergo Challenges)
o Unlimited ammo for both Edward and the Jackdaw.
· Deceased Crew (100 Abstergo Challenges)
Zombie crew

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