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Mini Ninjas Adventures Emerging – JUNE 29

by on May 29, 2012


UPDATE:  NEW FEATURES ANNOUNCED: (via True Achievements)

· 21 Different Levels – All packed with multiple different enemies, and environments
· Mini Games – Put your Ninja skills to the test across a range of mini games
· Boss Battles – Take on the ultimate Ninja challenge with fiendish boss battles
· Gesture Driven Combat – Put your body through the full Ninja workout, controlling multiple weapons with movement and voice-activated attacks
· Physical and magic attacks – Easy to learn, tricky to master
· Character upgrade system – Customise your character to suit your Ninja style

As recently uncovered by the watchful eyes of news hounds at Siliconera and VG247, a new Mini Ninjas game is in the works. Trademarks, domain registration and, more recently, an official rating logged by the Australian Classification Board all pointed to the making of a game to be called “Mini Ninjas Hiro’s Adventures.” Square Enix has still not officially stated anything about the sequel to the critically successful 2009 original, Mini Ninjas.

However Xbox Live Marketplace is now showing: Mini Ninjas Adventures for Arcade Kinect, (rated E-10) complete with box art and 12 screenshots. Its appearance and the approach of E3 make it very likely that we’ll be hearing something official very soon. According to the Marketplace posting, the new Square Enix game is being developed by Side Kick Ltd*(see ACB caption, at bottom) and will release June 29th* (*originally listed as the 27th on XBL) of this year. Also given, the promotional description for the new action-adventure title reads:

“Calling all ninjas! Get ready to swipe, kick and battle your way through 21 levels of intense ninja action as you help Hiro rescue his master and fellow ninjas from the clutches of the evil Samurai Warlord. Be prepared to face a multitude of enemies that will push your skills to the limit and test your ingenuity. So pack your ninja stars, sword and more and get ready for adventure…a Mini Ninjas Adventure.”

The new game promises to deliver content much like the charming original which, for all its animal-rescues, quirky collectibles, friendship, teamwork, and humor; carried an exhilarating array of exciting character-based ninja magic and stylish combat.  The advent of Kinect offers a new spin, but little information is available at this point about the gameplay mechanics or whether playing via standard controllers will be offered as an option.  From the overview description and screenshots that have been given, it certainly appears that swordplay, magic and good bit of kicking will play large roles in combat during Hiro’s new quest to save his master and his friends. The evil Samurai Warlord responsible for all the trouble also appears to have been revealed.

Whether or not Mini Ninjas will be given a full-sized sequel in the future, is not known yet (it is still rumored), but the upcoming arcade edition offers the first chance to revisit the world and its characters. Hopefully, despite the smaller package, it will live up to the successes of the original.

Here is a sampling of some of the newly revealed screenshots:

The most recent and most compelling evidence (prior to the appearance on Marketplace) that a Mini Ninjas game was in the works, was this Australian Classification Board rating discovered by Siliconera. *IO, involved in the making of the first game, has also been indicated by ACB, though not mentioned on the Marketplace pages which identify Side Kick Ltd as the developer of MNA. Is this representative of the rumored full-sized sequel, not actually MNA?

More information and an official announcement is expected to come very soon, probably at E3.




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