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New DLC available for Sleeping Dogs

by on November 13, 2012

Square Enix has now put up for grabs on XBOX Live various DLC packs offered when gamers pre-ordered Sleeping Dogs.

One of the DLC pack pays homage to Square Enix’s other properties: Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex. If you pre-ordered the game, you may already have one of those packs, so for your convenience, here’s a neat little list of what’s new for Sleeping Dogs:

  • The Dragon Master Pack: For 640MSP (instead of 960MSP), you can get, the Triad Enforcer, Police Protection, Martial Arts and the Deep Undercover packs. They are also available individually.
  • The GSP (George St-Pierre) Pack: Collection of GSP’s clothing he wears during fights and also his signature flying punch. Will also increase the damage of throws and grappling moves.
  • The Martial Arts Pack: includes Shaolin Outfit, Shaolin showdown mission and a Wing Chun dummy to decorate your safehouse.
  • The Police Protection Pack: SWAT outfit, SWAT police cruiser, SWAT Assault rifle and an exclusive High Speed mission.
  • The Deep Undercover Pack: Undercover ghost car, CB Radio for your safehouse and a plain clothes detective outfit with reduced heat penalty.
  • Triad Enforcer Pack: Death by a 1000 Cuts mission and Enforcer Outfit for added “Face” and more damage.
  • Square Enix Characters Pack: Disguise yourself as Agent 47, Rico or Adam Jensen. Each outfit include their own attributes and signature weapons.

All the invidual packs will set you back 240MSP except the SE Characters Pack which is only 160MSP. All of the mentioned packs are available on XBOX Live.

Developed by United Front Games, Sleeping Dogs was released on August 14th 2012 and was well received by the critics. Originally slated as the 3rd chapter in Activision’s True Crime series, it was cancelled due to multiple delays and high costs. Square Enix purchased the game 6 months after being cancelled in 2011 and rebranded it Sleeping Dogs. It’s being viewed as a surprise hit of 2012.

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