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Defiance DLC Update

by on July 11, 2013

There has been some confusion over the upcoming dlc for Defiance. During E3, Trion announced a summer release for the first pack, the Castithan dlc pack. Although no exact date was given, players were speculating various dates and times. The Xbox One functionality has also been surrounded by question marks. After communicating with Trion PR, I was able to get answers to a lot of questions gamers had. PR representative Ryan Peters was kind enough to take some time to clarify some things.

First off, to clarify, our Xbox 360 Defiance account will carry over to the Xbox One if you decide  to purchase that console. Also, the season pass will carry over as it is tied to our gamertag.

Q: What is the reason for the delay of the 1st DLC pack?

A: There has been no delay as we never gave a release date. As we said at E3, our first DLC will be released this summer.

Q;  The Defiance site lists a Castithan knife as an included dlc weapon.  Being a knife, how will this be utilized in game in place of a gun?

A;  The Castithan Blade will take one of the weapon slots when equipped. It will also take advantage of all the melee perks within the EGO trees.

Q: The site also has included feature to change our character’s voice. Since our character doesn’t speak, I’m assuming this means our EGO’s voice. Is this correct?

A: Yes, I believe they are ading in 4 other options for EGO voice.

Q: Will we be able to edit our character’s features with the new update with/without a charge or not at all? Does season pass make a difference for price?

A: If you buy the DLC or season pass you will get an option to change your character’s race and appearance for free 1 time. After that you can buy via MTX the option to customize your character.

I also asked to confirm whether the grey areas in the map will be expanded for use with the DLC as it has been rumored on multiple sites. Mr. Peters could not confirm or deny this as he stated some information needed to be withheld until the DLC announcement.

Lastly, I inquired if there would be a download code for Xbox 360 owners that wished to play on Xbox One. Citing that our entire Xbox 360 game would carry over, I asked what the benefit was to making gamers re-purchase a game that would in essence stay the same. I did not get a response to this but was informed an announcement would be coming as well.

I understand there are more questions that could have been asked, but I wanted to stick with those regarding the overall functionality of the game for purposes here. As far as the expanded areas go, the writing is on the wall for the go ahead. As we’ve mentioned before in previous articles, why are they there if there are no plans for them? Also, the non response is routinely a delay for an official announcement as Mr. Peters indicating was forthcoming.

Be sure to follow up on the DLC breakdown and we’ll bring you more news as its released.

Thank you to Mr. Ryan Peters, Trion PR.

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