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Defiance DLC Out August, No More Region Lock

by on July 30, 2013

The first of five DLC packs for Defiance the Castithan Charge pack, will be released in August. No exact date was given yet, but the new Executive Producer Chris Lena spoke about it on the Defiance blog site. Although originally planned in July, delays caused the pushback to August.

As most players know, the massive content included in the patch caused some to receive a critical error while patching forcing us to reinstall or restart our consoles. The new DLC will include a fix and we will no longer see this message. Along with the fix will be all the content that was promised. We will receive the playable Castithan race along with the charge blade. A mod to change its color will be available in the Defiance store. Arena battles and new story mode missions as well as a new co-op map are also coming. We still do not know which grayed out areas of the map are going to be available but hopefully they get revealed before the launch. The four player behemoth vehicle will be available free for season pass holders and an extra charge in the Defiance store.

Currently, Defiance is region locked separating the North America and European servers. With the new update, this will no longer be in effect. We will be able to choose which server we like to play on. However, if you play on a server other than what you are currently on now, you will need to create a new character.

I have reached out to Trion via email for clarification on the new map areas to be available.

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