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All We Know About DayZ for Xbox 360

by on March 23, 2013

With the complete overhaul of DayZ coming to Xbox 360, a huge amount of interest has been sparked back up on the topic of DayZ for Xbox 360. The mod for Arma II: Operation Arrowhead allows users to fight it out in a world full of zombies. The huge free-roam landscapes that require thought and preparation to survive in have enticed more and more users since the mod’s beginnings. A standalone version is confirmed for release this year, however mystery is still engulfing the rumors and speculations surrounding a console version of the game. It is likely that a lot of the information currently available is simply “wishful thinking”, but some facts are¬†unavoidable.

Dean Hall, a.k.a Rocket, the producer of DayZ was quoted to have promised DayZ on consoles when the mod hit one million downloads, which is something that essentially confirms Bohemia Interactive would be interested in capitalizing on a large user base, understandably.

A lot of restrictions come into play when creating for consoles, and this is something that deters a lot of originally PC producers. A game like DayZ could end up extremely cut down when ported to console, which could leave users completely missing what they loved about the PC counterpart. Bohemia have said that they intend to create console games at some point, and would love to have the chance to do so.

Many worries of the port also reside with the current generation of consoles. Would a game like DayZ Рallbeit very un-streamlined Рthat sends most PCs to their knees, have a hope in hell of running on console? Well Operation Flashpoint: Red River has gone part of the way to prove this possible. The game runs on hugely expansive maps with little problem, and is actually one of my personal favorites. We also know that the next generation of consoles will soon be upon us, which would most definitely spell platforms capable of such a game.

In reality, the question isn’t if, it’s when. Producers are already beginning to capitalize¬†on the thriving zombie-survival fan base. With State of Decay coming to Xbox 360 soon, will we even need a DayZ to quench the thirst? Only time will tell.

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