Advanced Warfare Suit

A New Era For Call Of Duty

by Pokeyon May 20, 2014
With the recent announcement of advanced warfare there is a lot of hype around the next generation of Call Of Duty with exoskeletons looking like they are going to play a major role in at least the single player aspect of the game. Three main traits of the exoskeleton suit were shown off in the […]

Coming in May for Microsoft’s consoles

by Dan_Boiseon May 2, 2014
As we inch closer to the yearly summer drought, Spring is also a period where new games are few and far between. Which provides the perfect opportunity to revisit old favorites or catch up on missed recent releases. Here are your slim pickings which releases on store shelves for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Please […]


Coming to Microsoft’s consoles in April

by Dan_Boiseon April 4, 2014
After 2 months of gaming goodness, gamers are getting ready for a small drought, as retail releases for the April will be few and far between. As usual, remember that release dates are subject to chance without notice! Enjoy this month’s releases! Titanfall (April 8th; Xbox360): Previously scheduled to release in March, the Xbox 360 […]

Coming to your favorite Microsoft console in March

by Dan_Boiseon March 1, 2014
South Park: Stick of Truth (Xbox 360; March 4th): Finally! The Obsidian developed RPG starring the little town from Colorado is finally here. Gamers will control a new kid that recently moved to South Park and while trying to make friends get thrown in the middle of a battle for The Stick of Truth. Dark […]


Hands On with The Elder Scrolls Online

by Eric Websteron February 28, 2014
It is the Second Era, in 2E 583 and you’ve awakened in a plane of Oblivion called Coldharbour to find out that you were sacrificed to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, yes you died. Welcome to Elder Scrolls Online. I was given the chance to play the closed beta for the weekend on the PC so be sure to […]

February 2014 Releases

by Dan_Boiseon February 6, 2014
Already in the second month of 2014. The small drought of the early 2014 is over and a new wave of new and anticipated games is about to hit. As usual, please note that release dates are subject to change without notice. Without further ado, here’s what Xbox gamers can pick up through this 2nd […]