The Problems With Advanced Warfare Ranked Play

by Pokeyon January 11, 2015
The Hype amongst the Cod eSports Community was massive, It was supposed to be the reincarnation of the much loved league play from Black Ops 2. Alas it seems it was not to be, there are a number of problems that need to be fixed before it can claim that title. Watch the video to […]

Why Battlefield Hardline Is No Longer Releasing 2014

by George Robertson July 24, 2014
Electronic Arts, voted the worst company in America for 2014, has announced that Battlefield Hardline the fast paced “cops ‘n robbers” first person shooter will no longer be released in October this year, and instead will come later in 2015. This announcement comes hand in hand with the delay of another EA game, Dragon Age: […]


Enemy Front Review

by GorTheMovieGodon June 28, 2014
Premise: Play as Robert Hawkings, a war correspondent turned Resistance Fighter, as you fight your way through Nazi soldiers throughout Europe. Fight for multiple resistance groups as you put a dent into the German army. I was very excited to play Enemy Front. It’s been a long time since we had a really good World […]

Rainbow Six: Siege First Impressions

by AllenMacGon June 24, 2014
Have you ever played Rainbow Six and thought to yourself, “This needs more Counter-Strike”? Well upon viewing the E3 debut video of the latest installment in the Rainbow Six series, aptly titled Siege, that looks exactly like what we can expect. From what the gameplay trailer has showed us, the featured multiplayer gametype takes a […]


How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game Review

by GorTheMovieGodon June 20, 2014
Premise: Love the movie? Well now it’s time to live the movie! Or at least play the movie. Choose your dragon rider and your dragon and make your way through many different challenges and tournaments. Fly, shoot, and race your way to becoming the best dragon rider this side of Berk. Now if you were […]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

by GorTheMovieGodon June 15, 2014
Introduction: Hello everyone from MyXboxLive! I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Christopher Henderson and I have been doing movie and video game reviews for around 6-7 years now. I go by the name GorTheMovieGod (even though I am an avid video gamer) and I am very happy to start writing for […]