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Your Borderlands 2 Enemies

by on March 25, 2012

The enemies you will be facing in Borderlands 2 are a mixed variety from monsters, all the way up to Hyperion robots. Here is the list as follows:

  • Handsome Jack – the game’s main antagonist.
  • Arctic Bullymong – a six-limbed gorilla-like creature that will dynamically pick up objects (or rip up bits of scenery) and then throw them at the player.
  • Elemental skags – certain elemental skags are able to buff other nearby skags.
  • Marauder bandit – a large thug who makes intelligent use of cover, retreating to find allies when significantly damaged.
  • Surveyors – floating Hyperion bots who can quickly restore their allies to full health and summon more robots such as WAR Loaders.
  • Nomad – a slow rotund bandit sporting a large metallic shield that protects his entire body. On their shields attached by a rope is a Midget.
  • WAR Loader – a large Hyperion robot that can rapidly fire missiles and bullets. Can be summoned by Surveyors.
  • Thresher – a gigantic worm-like creature that is fought in vehicles and can open more parts of the map.
  • EXP Loader – a man-sized Hyperion robot that acts as a suicide bomber. The player may shoot off its legs in order to slow it down.

A single CL4P-TP will appear in Borderlands 2. It is upset over the happenings in Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, but holds Hyperion accountable rather than the Vault Hunters. The CL4P-TP will try to exact revenge on Hyperion, mainly petty vandalism and insults.

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