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‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Season Pass outed & new Multiplayer Trailer Released!

by on February 1, 2013

According to a listing from GameStop, plans for some DLC and a Season Pass has been revealed for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’.  Now this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise especially in what today seems to be a golden age of DLC, with games offering Season Pass like content.  I’m 99.9% in favour of DLC, especially when it comes to season passes.  Because if you we’re planning on buying all the DLC for a particular game anyway, it makes sense to purchase a season pass, as you can save yourself a little extra cash.

But what makes me particularly happy about ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ is that it does appear that some of the DLC will be adding to the single player campaign as well as the multiplayer and its characters.  There are a few games out there that like to release multiplayer content only, so with games like ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’, ‘Borderlands 2’ and ‘Assassins Creed 3’ to name a few, it’s nice to see singleplayer content getting support too.

The ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Season Pass is priced up as $26.99(reduced from $29.99) on GameStop, which works out to be about £17-£20.  Below is the official Season Pass description found on the website:

Hungry for more Aliens: Colonial Marines? Purchase the Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass and get access to four downloadable content packages at a 33% discount! All add-on content packs are scheduled to be released from March through to summer 2013. The Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass will give you access to campaign content, additional multiplayer maps, new modes, character customization and more!

But this is not the only Aliens goodness that we have for you, as a brand new trailer was released by Sega, entitled the ‘Tactical Multiplayer’ Trailer.  In this trailer we will see just some of the skills and abilities that both the Marine and Xenomorph will be bringing to the table, as well as of course some tactical choices that you may have to make when playing its multiplayer.

‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ is set for a worldwide release of February 12th, so be sure to be on the lookout for our review at around the time of the games release.

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